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Fashion Friday- November 17/17

Wow, long time my friends. A month to be exact. Let’s just say being a full time teacher, full time mommy (single half the time) is proving to be quite difficult. Sometimes I feel like I’m failing in all aspects of my life, doing everything half committed, nothing 100%. If any of you have any tips out there, help a mama out!

But enough venting, I’m here for another Fashion Friday edition. It’s been way too long which means I had way too many outfits to pick from and it was super hard just choosing one but nevertheless here it is.


This outfit is so modern and trendy. It’s perfect on her. The hoodie is from a monthly mystery subscription from a shop called Finn & Grin. I love subscription boxes for myself so I jumped on the opportunity to sign up for one for my babe. The shop is amazing and her pieces are always a great fit and quality. I’ve mentioned this shop in previous posts but if you missed them I’ll repeat my accolades of Debbie’s amazing work. She’s local to Alberta and donates a portion of all sales to the NICUs of Alberta. She takes custom orders and really brings to life any visions you may have.


The green colour is perfect for fall and will transition perfectly for winter. Also how perfect are the faux leather accents?!? They match perfectly with the faux leather leggings.


The leggings are also from a Canadian shop called Quinn and Dot out of Winnipeg. They are amazing! Rylee has been wearing these since 8 months old and she is now 17 months old. I’m definitely going to be grabbing another pair in the near future. They have turned into a closet staple.


Of course the boots aren’t Canadian or small shop made but I couldn’t resist. I mean come on! Baby Uggs! How stinkin cute are these?!? I’m not going to lie though; I did buy them too big. I know how much the stuffing lies down in my own Uggs so I figured that combined with a bigger size would prolong the wear time. Also these brand name shoes have great resell prices and there are pages dedicated to just buying and reselling used brand named footwear.

Lastly, can we talk about those pig tails? I waited so long for hair and now that it’s here, I’m in love! They are beyond adorable!


Shop the Look Below:

Hoodie: Finn & Grin

Leggings: Quinn and Dot

Boots: Uggs

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