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Fall Fashion Inspiration Board

Hey guys! It’s been a month since I posted my babes inspiration board for fall fashion and I totally forgot to do my own! Isn’t that how it works now?!? Baby gets all the nice new clothes and mama is sometimes forgotten. I still have a few wish items I want to purchase before the season ends though and wanted to share my picks for fall with you guys.


(None of the photos above are mine. All photos were found online and all credits go to the original owners.)

  1. Jacket: A utility jacket is the perfect jacket for cooler weather. I’ve been eyeing a green one like the one above from Grace and Lace for a while now. It would be a great transition piece too and could be used again during the spring.
  2. Hat: Floppy hats are so trendy this year and I want to jump on the band wagon! I’ve always felt hats look funny on me but I love the look on other people so I’m wondering if it’s one of those situations where you’re just not used to a look on yourself so feel it looks ridiculous. I’ll let you be the judge when I post pictures!
  3. Oversized sweater: The one pictured above is exactly what I had in mind. Cozy, comfy and the perfect fall colour.
  4. Fall lip colours: Burgundies and browns are the perfect colour palette for fall. I already orderd these 2 colours from Senegence and cannot wait to share them with you guys. I’ve never really worn brown lip colours before so am super excited to try this one. And if you don’t know what Lipsense is then you need to get with the program and check this post. It’s amazing!
  5. Blanket scarf: I’ve wanted a cute plaid blanket scarf for 2 years! This is the year I am most definitely going to get one. There are so many shops out there that carry them so I know finding one won’t be hard.
  6. Ankle booties: I have a black pair of ankle booties that I wear all the time but would really love a brown or burgundy pair for fall. Well really for all year because ankle booties can be work with leggings, jeans, dresses or skirts. They definitely are a closet staple for year round.

And that wraps up my fall fashion wish list. Since we are already a month into fall I have some serious shopping to do this weekend. I will definitely check back in with you guys and let you know how it went! What was top of your wish list for fall this year?

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