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Fashion Friday- October 7/17

Yay the long weekend is here! I’m so excited to catch up on some sleep and to eat some pumpkin pie. My pick for top outfit of the last 2 weeks was pretty easy. It included 2 of my favourite shops that my daughter just became brand reps for so I knew I had to pick it.


First up is this adorable polka dotted leo. It’s from a shop called Vi and Jax based out of Strathmore Alberta. She makes the most fantastic leos and is one of the only small shops in Canada I’ve found that makes leos. I tried for a year to get this leo so was super excited to be picked for her last rep team. They are super well-made and stretchy and soft. I have three from her shop and can’t wait to get more! I also love the scoop back on all of her leos! If you want to order anything from this amazing shop use the code friends at checkout and you can save.


The fringed necklace is also from Vi and Jax. She has a lot of different colours and they are priced super reasonably. I love the little pop they give to outfits.


Next up are these amazing golden mustard coloured bloomers. We have a pair in black leather as well and just love them! They are high waisted and have this cute ruching in the front. They are from a small shop based right here in Edmonton called Mini Street Kidswear. She makes modern edgy pieces for babe and some for mama too. This is also another shop I just landed this fall term. I wasn’t even going to apply for this search because her photos are so amazing and I didn’t think I had a chance. I was so shocked and happy to make this team. If you haven’t checked her shop out, you definitely should and use the code rylee at checkout to save.


The leather beanie is from a shop called Quinn and Dot based out of Manitoba. She also makes super modern clothes. She has faux leathers and soft stretchy bamboos. The quality is amazing and the designs flawless. I’ve had this beanie for almost a year and it still looks great on Rylee. I was surprised how many outfits it actually matches and how often she wears it. If you want to check out her shop or grab this beanie for, use ryleejane15 at checkout to save!


These little booties are the only non-Canadian item. They are from an American shop called Brave Threads. This shop is closed right now so you won’t be able to get your own but I’m sure there are some shops out there that have very similar ones. I’m actually quite sad because I had to pack these up after this shoot as they are too small. So I’m on the lookout for some combat boots with hard soles this time. If you have any suggestions please let me know!


Shop the Look Below:

Beanie: Quinn and Dot

Necklace and Leo: Vi and Jax

Bloomers: Mini Street Kidswear

Booties: Brave Threads


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