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Brand Repping

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of August. One more month of summer and one more month until my maternity leave is over. It’s been a great 15 months off, I loved having all this time with my sweet babe. During this time I discovered the small shop world on Instagram. I discovered brand repping and thus my newest hobby was born. This is also where all my Fashion Friday posts stem from.


What is Brand Repping?

I get asked this all the time from friends and family members. The biggest part of brand repping is when you receive free or discounted items from a small shop in exchange for pictures they can use on their websites and social media sites. It’s more than just product though. It’s interacting with these shops, supporting them by promoting their brand and creating relationships with them.


What Does This Mean?

Interacting with a shop means you like and comment on their posts. You are usually in a direct messaging group with them and other members of their team. You offer advice and support on new designs, prints, and colours.


You promote the brand by sharing their promotions and new releases on your own page and in your story. All of these things help create wonderful relationships. I’ve found so many great shops that make beautiful pieces and they are all ran by hard working mamas. Some are stay at home moms trying to contribute to their family and some are working moms trying to balance their job, family and the shop.


Not only do you create relationships with the shop owners but with other reps too. You support each other’s Instagram pages and you share shop discount codes with each other. I interact with these mamas every day, more than with my real life friends. I’ve watched their children grow from babies to toddlers. I feel like I really know the mamas and the babes. I’ve really become to love my Instagram family.


The world of brand repping isn’t perfect despite what I’ve written. Like everything in life there are people that take advantage of shop owners and of brand reps.

Some shops buy wholesale from Asia, knockoffs of original pieces created by hard working mamas. They sell it at 3 times the price you would pay for it on sites like Ali Express. The quality is horrible and it takes away from all the hard work the original designer put it into it. One key word to look for on shop pages is handmade vs hand selected. Also sometimes reps never receive items they order, shops close down or take months and months to send, this is rare in my experience but it does happen. I think some of these mamas take too many orders and get behind.


On the other end of it some shops send out free or heavily discounted items and never receive promotional pictures from their reps or sometimes they receive them way after the product was sent. They also encounter reps that try and get free stuff, lie about receiving products, bad mouth their shops when not chosen for rep search and steal their designs.


Now you know the good and the ugly side of brand repping. You can make your own mind up about it but I have decided I love it! I love the relationships and all these amazing outfits. I like all the chances I’ve had to work with shop owners and I love creating custom pieces for my babe like the dress above.


If you have any questions or just want some recommendations for some awesome shops, feel free to comment, email or message me on Instagram!





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