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Fashion Friday-July 28/17

It’s Friday! Bring on the wine and weekly roundup of cute toddler clothes. As soon as I took these pictures I knew this would be my favourite outfit of the week!


This peplum top is special to me and is probably why it automatically made the top pick of the week. It was custom made for Rylee by a woman who runs a small shop in Alberta. She is such a great lady and does a ton of customs for people. She really listens to what you want and creates high quality pieces. She is also super kind and a portion of all her sales goes to the NICUs of Alberta. It’s black and white which is perfect for the monochrome trend right now and it’s covered in mini crowns which is perfect for my mini drama queen!

It also has a scoop back which I totally love!


The little choker is from an American shop that I don’t know too much about except that I had to have their necklace. I mean how much cuter can it get?!? Baby chokers! Love it!

The bracelets are from a Canadian handmade shop ran by a mama in Toronto. She has such great bracelets for toddlers. So many colours and this monochrome set is personalized with Rylee’s name and #brandrep which is so perfect for her. Remember these bracelets are not teethers and babies shouldn’t be chewing on them. I only use these for pictures at the moment.



These gladiators are fantastic! The laces come out and you can change them to another colour. I have fuchsia, white, pink and tan. They are soft and stretchy and you can wear them around the ankle or up the leg like above. They add such a statement to any outfit. Unfortunately the mama who made these closed her shop but there are other shops that make toddler gladiators.


The head wrap is from an American shop that Rylee used to rep for. She has a huge selection of colours, prints and styles. Her bows are well made and she has a fast delivery time. This classic white one has got a ton of use and can be worn a few different ways; like above, in a bow or in a rosette.


Shop the Look Below:

Headwrap: 3 Glam Girls

Choker: Monster and Tomato

Bracelets: The Bauble Shoppe

Peplum: Finn & Grinn Baby Boutique


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