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Beach Must Haves for Baby

Hey guys, I hope you’re all having a fantastic night! Doing some late night writing and wanted to share with you. When we decided to take Rylee to the beach for this first time this summer I realized I had no idea what to take. I began packing and came to my second realization; babies need a whole lot of stuff for the beach! After a few trips out I narrowed down my favourite items.

  1. Shelter from the sun: A lot of moms opt for umbrellas and I did try this at first but when we received a half tent for Rylee’s birthday I fell in love. This little tent from Walmart is so light and compact and super easy to set up. I loved how we could both lay in it and play in the shade. I also loved how we could put all our bags in and zip it up while we were down by the water. Makes it a little harder for people to grab your stuff if you turn away.


2. Sunscreen: I tried a couple sunscreens and liked this one the best. It goes on pretty thick and white so you only need a little and have to rub it in well but the coverage was awesome. We were out in the sun every day for a week while camping and my little one didn’t get any redness at all. I even got a burn using my adult sunscreen while she only got a slight tan. The ingredients seemed more natural than most sunscreens. It’s made of natural oils, sesame seed, shea butter, organic calendula and jojoba oil. And as an added bonus, it smells great!


3. Bug Spray: I know you don’t normally think of bug spray as a beach must have but the mosquitoes and sand flies are horrible this year and Rylee reacts badly to the bites. I carry this spray everywhere! My husband and I even stopped using the chemical filled other bug sprays and now use this one. It’s amazing! Best spray I’ve ever used for keeping bugs away and it smells great. It has a light fresh coconut lime smell and does not leave you feeling greasy or sticky.


4. Footwear: At first I bought normal water shoes and didn’t like them because the sand got trapped in and rubbed her sensitive skin. Then I found these beach socks. They were a little big but they were tight enough around the ankle and didn’t budge. No sand got inside to rub her skin and she didn’t burn her feet on the sand. They were easy to walk in and didn’t trip her up or weigh her down in the water. Lastly, they washed so easily. They got so brown and dirty and I was afraid they were stained after the first use but they returned to their clean cream colour after one wash.


5. Bathing suit: Of course every beach must have list would not be complete without a bathing suit. And of course my list would not be complete without a small shop handmade piece. As soon as I saw this bathing suit from Mosie’s Cozies I fell in love. The little shop based out of Vancouver makes such amazing pieces! The suit does run a bit pricey for kid’s bathing suits but these small shops always run sales or have reps with discount codes. It is super well-made and great quality with a nice thick stretchy material. And let’s all take a second to admire those back details! The colour. The bow. The ruffle.


I hope this gives you some ideas for your own list. What are your beach must haves?



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