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Fashion Friday- July 14/17

Wow it’s been forever since I posted a Fashion Friday! I really had to share this one with you guys though.


We love these hooded tank and shortie sets from a mama ran shop out of Saskatchewan. It’s called Bear and Roo and it’s fantastic! The tank is a soft french terry and the shorties are the softest jersey. We have  4 different prints of this set, I just love them that much!


This little bow is also from a Canadian mama owned shop called Antlers and Acorns. I love the classic white leather look. We have a ton of her products and they are really well made. The headbands are on nylon bands that don’t leave those pesky indents in your babes head. She has a variety of different clips too. You will be sure to find one that works for your little ones hair whether it’s fine or thick or practically non-existent like mines was for the longest time. She also has a ton of prints including florals, sparkles, polka dots, and more.


The bracelets are from a shop called The Bauble Shoppe out of Toronto. They have all sorts of arm candy for your littles. These are great for dress up and photos but are not teething bracelets like I’ve shared before therefore do not let your babe chew on them.


Although Rylee looks like she’s pointing to her cute white eyelet shoes, she’s actually pointing to her new obsession, bugs. I don’t even know if she saw a bug, she just points to the ground saying “bug, bug, bug.” I bought these shoes from Old Navy on clearance for one outfit and she’s ended up wearing them almost all summer!


Shop the Look Below:

Hair clip: Antlers and Acorns BC 

Hooded Tank and Shorties: Bear and Roo

Bracelets: The Bauble Shoppe

Shoes: Old Navy


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