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Baby Turns One

Hey everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve made a post. May really kicked my butt. My baby girl turned one and I was so busy planning and prepping for her big day and my husband was on a 3 week holiday so we were doing yard work and camping! But I’m back and wanted to share some of her special day with you and a few tips I learned planning my first party.


The first thing to decide on is what your theme will be. This will help center your ideas and the tons of pins you most likely will be saving. I decided to go with floral. I thought it would be perfect for a spring birthday and also let me keep the popular princess theme for when she’s a bit older and we can go all out!


Next I recommend getting the outfit, especially if you are shopping small and have to order it. I got this beautiful floral maxi from a small shop called Teeny Tiny Threads. The turnaround time on some of these small shops is 4-6 weeks so give yourself plenty of time! I love the soft pink and bright flowers and how flowy this dress is.


I made the floral crown with a matching one for mommy. We got some photos done together too since her session took place the day before Mother’s Day. All you need is some flowers, felt and ribbon.


Next I ordered a cake as May is a busy month and I wanted to make sure I had one. I went with what they call a “naked cake” for Rylee’s cake smash. I figured no fondant or tons of sweet sugary icing might help her actually eat the cake. She was a little hesitant at first and I had to give her a handful to taste before she would go near it.


Then she mostly wanted to kick it and leg drop it. She seemed way more interested in eating it when we gave her a spoon.



The next thing you should get done is decorations. DO NOT leave these until the week of especially if you are making them. I was up till 2am making paper flowers the night before! They look beautiful but take a while especially with a nosy toddler constantly pulling on the hot glue gun cord. Click here for a free template.


I also made the banners and month by month photos.


The last tip I want to give is if you want cute photos do the cake smash beforehand or hire someone or delegate to someone. I had no time to run around taking pictures. Next year I for sure will have someone taking photos the day of the party.


I wanted to do a milk bath to keep with the whole theme but then realized a bubble bath was also necessary. I didn’t want to chance the cleaning of sugary icing covered crevices to milk lol


I hope you all enjoy these cake smash pictures!




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