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First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey guys. First of May today and I’m loving this sunshine! Really hoping it’s here to stay. I wanted to do a Mother’s Day post since it’s only 2 weeks away. Mother’s Day is extra special for me this year as it will be my very first Mother’s Day.

I rounded up some ideas that I’d love to receive and hope other mothers would love as well!


(None of the photos above are mine. All photos were found online and all credits go to the original owners.)

  1. New Clothes: Ok so as much as us new mamas want to get back into our pre baby clothes, it might not happen. Also I feel like when I go shopping I just want to buy all the cute baby clothes out there instead of shop for myself and I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there like this. A gift card to her favourite store or a new outfit would be so great. My recommendation is Lululemon’s Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tights. These are the most amazing leggings ever! They seriously hold your tummy in, lift your bum up and are not see through!
  2. Lipsense: I’m loving this product. Most days I don’t have time to do a full face but still like to add a little something when out running errands. This lip product is amazing. I can put it on in the morning and depending what colour you buy it can last up to 18 hours!
  3. A Mommy and Me Photo Session: New moms take hundreds of photos of baby over the course of their first year but are rarely in any of them. A mommy and me photo session would be the perfect gift for a new mom.
  4. Himalayan Salt Lamp: These lamps are all the rage right now and lots of moms are loving them. I haven’t tried them yet so can’t speak to their abilities but would love to be given the opportunity.
  5. Tiffany Bracelet: These bracelets are such a classic piece that can be worn anytime and can be dressed up or down. It would be so cute to get baby’s name and birth date engraved on the back.
  6. Flowers: Most women love getting flowers but I think a hanging basket would be even better. A basket would be around all summer instead of a week.
  7. Birkenstocks: A comfy pair of sandals would be a great gift for any mom. Birkenstocks are great because they mold to your feet and are oh so comfy! Perfect for running after little ones.
  8. Coffee Gift Cards: Most moms I know love their coffee, especially those mamas with little ones that don’t sleep well at night. I love it even more when I don’t have to make it and it’s a yummy vanilla latte from Starbucks.
  9. Reading Socks: I love these reading socks from Chapters and already own a pair but wanted to include them on my list. They are great to throw on over leggings, comfy and super soft. I like them better than slipped because they add an extra layer of warmth during the 7 months of winter we get in Alberta.

That wraps up my ideas for Mother’s Day gifts! Is there something you got on your very first Mother’s Day that really stood out? Let me know!

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