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Easter Fashion

Hey guys! I know I missed Fashion Friday this week so how about a Fashion Monday? I wanted to dedicate this past week to Easter themed outfits and soft pastels. Instead of showing you my favourite outfit though, I’m going to show you all of this week’s outfits.


Of course Easter isn’t complete without bunny ears. I love the dainty, little, delicate ones above. They were from a little shop out of BC. I love her handmade hair accessories and she has the greatest prices out there!


The outfit above also has a handmade hair band from a different shop out of BC. I love the vintage look of these headbands. They are a stretchy polyester lace and went perfectly with this dress I got at her baby shower.


I love this romper and I love that is was from a mama owned shop out Alberta. I love the organic cotton this romper is made of. It’s so soft and stretchy. It also has no snaps or buttons of any kind; you just pull it up over her. The head wrap is so versatile. It can be put in a bow, knot, or rosette. It is not from a Canadian shop but it is a mama owned business.


Let’s keep rolling with the pink. I looked all over for a 1st Easter onesie and could not find one anywhere. I had such an easy time all the other holidays so didn’t think it would be a problem. A few days before Easter I posted in a local moms group and a wonderful lady made the one above for me. The leggings, headband and bracelet are all Canadian small shop finds.


The headband in the above picture is from the same shop as the bunny ears in the first picture and of course the shorts and mocs are Canadian small shop finds. I am just loving all these small shops I’ve found on Instagram (in case you haven’t been able to tell).


This outfit still had those pops of pink but was much brighter. The dress and shoes were a gift and the knee highs were from a shop out of the States that hand dyes their tights and knee highs. The bunny ears were from a local grocery store that I just hot glued some flowers too.


The one outfit that wasn’t pink was this all purple ensemble. I love her in purple and I love how all these different shades look so great together. This dress was also worn for her Easter/Spring photo shoot that you can see here. I just added a few accessories like the purple knee highs, mocs and cardigan.

I hope everyone had a great Easter! If you want any specific information on any of the items from any of the looks don’t hesitate to message me or comment with a question.

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