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Baby’s First Easter Basket

Hey everyone! I hope you are all ready for Easter. I definitely am and maybe went a little too crazy. In my defense it’s my baby’s first Easter and a lot of it I bought not for Easter, just to have and realized I could stick it in her basket. Ok enough excuses for my shopping addiction!


I realize Easter isn’t for a few days but wanted to get this post in before it gets too crazy around here since I’m hosting this year and will probably be busy the next few days! When I first thought about her basket I wondered what to get her as chocolate was out. Then it hit me! Why not fill it with all of our small shop finds from Instagram. Once I decided on that, the basket just came together.


I wanted to get her an Easter book and bunny stuffy. These were 2 of the 3 items I actually went out and bought for her basket. The book had to be a board book otherwise she’d rip it and I loved the floral ears in the bunny stuffy. You will also notice him wearing some lovely bows around his neck. Those are headbands from one of our favourite headband companies! The dainty suede bows come in so many colours and I seriously can’t stop ordering from this little mama owned shop out of Brazeau, Alberta. They are so stretchy and don’t leave any indents in Rylee’s head.


Next up are some wooden toys, mostly probably used for photo props. If anyone knows me they know my love for Harry Potter so I just had to get her a wand. I thought the camera would be a great addition since I take so many pictures of her and she always is trying to grab it from me. Of course I had to get it in pink and gold, her signature colours as I like to call them. Both shops are Canadian too, so double score.


I got this spring themed bibdana and matching hairband from a mama owned shop in BC. I love the bright flowers and equally love that this will catch all the drool that is pouring out of her mouth lately. It has a nice terry cloth backing so it keeps her shirt nice and dry. I also love that it snaps closed. She tends to pull off the velcro ones.


I’ve wanted some gold mocs for a while but hate paying the $40-$50 that most cost. When I found this shop that sells them for $25 I was super excited. They are 100% genuine cow leather and designed by a mother and daughter duo out of BC. Unfortunately I found out that they are made overseas which is a little disappointing but probably why they are so much cheaper. I’m not sure of the quality yet as they are brand new but if you’re curious send me a message about them!

IMG_3511.JPG‘This little bunny teether is from the same company that made the wand. They are located in Ottawa and made out of hard maple wood. Rylee tends to just bang her wooden teethers lately and chew the silicone kind instead but I thought it was super cute for Easter.


Next up is some new jammies. I wanted to get her a nice pair of pajamas as all hers are $8 dollar Costco sleepers. These are from one of my all-time favourite shops out of Saskatchewan and her clothes have been featured a few times on my Friday Fashion posts. In fact I have probably purchased the most from her shop, I love it so much!


I bought this fringe necklace awhile back and she just hasn’t worn it yet so I decided to throw it in the basket! I love this necklace and also have it in mustard yellow. The necklace and the romper below are the 2 small shop purchases that were not Canadian but I did try and find them in a Canadian shop first. Unfortunately our shopping is not quite up to par with our southern friends.


And that is all for Rylee’s first Easter basket! I hope everyone has a great Easter and if it’s your baby’s first one, comment on some things you stuck in the basket!

Shop the Basket:





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