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Fashion Friday- Mar 17/17

I hope everyone is having a great St.Patrick’s Day! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for it to fall on a weekend and it finally has but I now have a little one.  So my night will consist of wine, the yummy cookies I baked last night and writing.

Besides it’s Fashion Friday! This is my favourite day of the week to blog. I love sharing Rylee’s outfits with you guys.


Usually my favourite outfits are filled with Canadian small shop finds but this week only the head wrap was a small shop purchase and it wasn’t even Canadian! I know! Shocking right?!? I love this camo print and I love when we get to wear it. We don’t seem to have many outfits that go with it. It’s from a momma ran shop out of California. I love how it will grow with her since it’s a wrap you tie yourself and you can put it in a bow or a knot.


As for the rest of the outfit, it is from Old Navy and cost less than $25! I got the leggings and shoes on clearance and used Old Navy bucks on the coat. I’ve really been trying not to shop big box stores anymore but you can’t beat those prices and I love me a good bargain!


Those little fringe booties have been such a steal. She’s probably worn them the most out of any shoes she has. They seem to go with everything and fringe is so trendy right now.

This is the first time she’s worn this denim jacket but I’m guessing it will be a staple in the wardrobe throughout the Spring season. I love denim jackets and wear one myself all throughout the year. It looks great with leggings, skirts, rompers and dresses. Also it will be a great layering piece for cool summer nights.


Now let’s talk about these leggings! I can’t get enough of this cute ruffle bum! These leggings are soft and stretchy and pretty good quality for what you pay. These leggings can run anywhere from $3-$12. I love ruffles for babies on anything though. I can’t wait until she can wear those little ruffle bum underwear!


Shop the Look Below:

Head wrap: EmmaGrace Shoppe

Denim jacket: Old Navy

Leggings and Shoes: Old Navy  (both were on clearance so probably hard to find now)













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