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Favourite Small Shops for Kids

I hope everyone is having a great night. I think I finally got my little one down and now am enjoying a glass of wine or two and writing. This is seriously my way to unwind as of late. This new cold has her super clingy and I have had no time to do anything this week. IMG_1615

I wanted to share some of my favourite small shops for kids with you guys. I always get asked when at play group, family events or even just out in public where I got Rylee’s outfit from. Of course I shop a lot of places but these are definitely my top picks.

They are all Canadian shops and started by other mamas. If you’ve read any of my Fashion Friday posts you know how important that is to me! Not only will it save you money on shipping but it’s also helping our struggling economy. And shopping Canadian is great for you American shoppers too! Low dollar rate means further value on your money! Win win guys!

First up is Bear & Roo. I know I’ve mentioned them in other posts but I seriously can’t get enough! This shop is incredible. The owner is lovely to deal with and the clothing is super well made. She sews all pieces herself so you won’t find these pieces in 10 different stores. She is based out of Saskatchewan.


The beanie and matching leggings above are from her shop. I also like that you can get all of the pants in either harem or legging style. She also does mom and dad matching sweaters!

Next up is Quinn and Dot. This mama ran shop is out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This shop owner is also extremely easy to deal with and quick to respond. My favourite piece from her shop has got to be the black faux leather leggings and all the rompers. The rompers are so light and stretchy and easy to maneuver around in.


Next up is a headband company. If you’ve followed my previous post you know how much I love accessories! NorthernAbbey  is out of Drayton Valley, Alberta. I love her bows! They come on a nylon band so they don’t leave those annoying indents on your baby’s head and they seriously have so many colours to pick from! I want one of every colour. They even have an Edmonton Oiler colour themed one. Each bow is made from faux suede.


Next up is shoes! Like headbands, I want a pair of shoes in every colour. Especially one of every colour from Minimoc. They are not the cheapest of mocs I’ve found but they definitely are the best quality. This shop is run by a husband and wife team out of B.C. They fit the best of all the shoes I’ve tried on Rylee because they have stretchy elastic that allows for a wide opening so they are easy to slip on and also  keeps them on their feet once on. It’s one of the few brands I found that I can keep on her feet without her pulling them off. She hates shoes and socks. I like that the soles are micro-suede so it’s great at helping her not to slip on our ceramic tiles and hardwood. Best of all they are made with 100% quality leather from Canada.


The ones above are called rose gold metallic.

That’s it so far for my favourite small shop finds on Instagram. What are your favourite shops?


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