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Green With Envy

Hey everyone! As St.Patrick’s Day and Spring loom closer I can’t help but notice all the green everywhere. I’ve always been a fan of green and when I finally decided to add some subtle colour to my all cream decor, I chose gray and a soft green. One day I’d like to be brave enough to add more, maybe a bigger bolder piece of furniture, like the ones pictured below.


(None of the photos above are mine. All photos were found online and all credits go to the original owners.)

There are so many ways you can embrace the green trend and there are so many shades of green to fall in love with. I can’t choose my favourite, I love them all!

Ways to Incorporate Green into Your Life

  1. Handbags: I love the 2 from Coach pictured above. The fringe really adds to the first one and I love the colour block of the second one.
  2. Clothes: There are so many shades of green in fashion right now. The pants, coat and skirt are all from Anthropologie. I just love their clothes!
  3. Statement Furniture: There are so many diy’s out there on Pinterest for furniture make overs. You just have to find the right piece of furniture first.
  4. Shoes: Whether you like flats, heels or sneakers you will find a pair in green. I had to go buy those Toms as soon as I saw them.
  5. Jewelry: The two necklaces are combining my love of green with the trendiness of chokers and wow is all I can think of when it comes to those earrings! All 3 pieces are from Anthropoligie.
  6. Throw Pillows: I love that shade of mint and I love that it’s paired with gray.
  7. Decor Items: You can add vases, candles, frames or light switch covers like the one above. I added chrome ones to my house but love these ones more!
  8. Baby Clothes: I of course had to add something for my little one. I love this set from Jayden & Olivia and have added it to my summer wish list for my daughter.
  9. Nail Polish: All these shades are from Essie and they provide that small pop of colour if you’re like me and tend to stick to neutrals when it comes to fashion.
  10. Area Rug: This circular area rug is so cute and would look great in a neutral room with some coordinating pillows.
  11. Accent Chair: For some reason I picture this rocker in a monochromatic nursery with pops of colour. Hmm maybe I’ll have to remember this for future use. (Also another Anthropoligie item)
  12. Plants: I love these little glass terrariums. I just bought a great one at Costco for just $19.99.


Is anyone else crushing on green at the moment? What ways are you incorporating it in your life?

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