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Choosing a Day Home

Ok guys the time is getting closer, the time for me to return to work. Well ok, I still have 6 months but I need to find a day home as they tend to fill up fast and some even have waiting lists.

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This is so super hard for me. I was never able to leave my dog in a kennel the 12 years I’ve had her because I felt guilty and this is my child! I have no idea how I am going to do this.


Being a kindergarten and grade 1 teacher I know the benefits that can come from being in a daycare or a day home. I’ve seen the students learn routines faster, participate in group activities more willingly and be better at socialization. They tend to be more outgoing and adapt to changes in routine more easily. I want Rylee to go to a day home.


But then the mom guilt kicks in! I’ve talked about that mom guilt before in a post. I start to feel as if maybe I should stay home with her. I mean financially it’s an option but I love my job. I tell myself that being a teacher, I know the skills to focus on to help her be ready for school. I can get her into groups and activities, she’s only this small for a short time. But isn’t also having a good job and working hard as a women something I want her to learn too.


Here’s my list of things to consider when visiting a day home for the first time.

  • Are the facilities in working order and clean?
  • Are there age appropriate toys?
  • Is there a program or plan to see daily activities?
  • Is there space or opportunities for outside play?
  • Are there a variety of toys, centers and activities for the children?
  • Are their snacks and meals provided and do they adhere to the Canadian Food Guide?
  • Does the number of kids per adult ratio meet government guidelines?
  • Does the worker have first aid?
  • Does the worker have a criminal record check?
  • What is the background training or experience of the worker?
  • What is the discipline plan of the worker?
  • Does the worker have references?
  • What are the policies regarding sick children?


Am I missing anything? What did you look for when selecting childcare?

2 thoughts on “Choosing a Day Home

  1. Maybe this will sound sooo selfish, but I could not wait to settle my little one in daycare. I allways thought of it as something positive, a place where they’re able to socialize, play, learn and most importantly they adopt a daily routine of eat-play-sleep… which is sometimes hard to achieve at home. Now, of course I had thought of things like what if he fells and hurts himself, will the teacher like him, how is he gonna be with the other kids, will they feed him enough, is he thirsty, are they nice to him… a million of things. But then again you mustn’t think too much. When we were choosing daycare, and on our meetings I was paying attention to the place itself. The toys, the facilities, the sleeping area, the playground.. And on the teachers. Our first impressions were really good. Therefore we were really excited and looking forward to his first day. And so far we had no problems 😊 regarding criminal record, in our country people with such thing are not allowed to work in this segment. Maybe it’s like that in yours, too. It’s a common practice worldwide.
    Overall your first impressions will guide you, you will know. 😊😊 good luck ❤️


    1. You don’t sound selfish at all! I’ve worked in a daycare before and it can be great. And yes you have to have a clear criminal record check to work in one but not in a day home. Day homes can be opened by anyone. It’s private and ran out of their own homes. Small towns and rural areas don’t have access to day cares like the cities do so sometimes day homes are the only option.


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