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Spring Wardrobe Inspiration- Baby Edition

Hey everyone! I had so much fun last night doing a Spring fashion inspiration board for myself that I decided I needed to do one for my little one.


I wanted to focus on a few key pieces to get me through Spring because I’ve been a little too shop happy for her as of late and because she outgrows things so fast right now.

Here are my picks for Rylee’s first Spring.


(None of the photos above are mine. All photos were found on Pinterest and all credits go to the original owners.)

  1. Rubber Boots: She may be walking by time Spring rolls around so I’d like some rubber boots so I can take her to explore puddles. I love the red Hunters to match the ones I posted on my own inspiration board!
  2. Pastel Coloured Shoes: Also just like on my board, I’d love a pair of pastel coloured shoes for her. Converse makes these great shoes for mom and baby.
  3. Dress: I’m looking for a dress that can be used for her first birthday. Her theme is floral so I’d prefer something with flowers but I also love that pink hi- low one from Pleiades Handmade shop.
  4. Rompers: Rompers are fave look for babies! I want a few different ones. You can add tights and a cardigan for Spring and then wear by themselves for summer.
  5. Coloured Denim: Another item I also included on my board but I’d prefer something not in a shade of pink like I wanted for myself. I’d like to add some other colours to her wardrobe. Maybe yellow, mint or a light shade of blue. Purple would be fantastic!
  6. Rain Coat: A light windbreaker or water resistant coat would be perfect for Spring and all that puddle jumping I hope to do!
  7. Floral Crown: Oh my goodness! I just love these little floral crowns! I definitely need one for my babe’s birthday party. I just need to find one that is made in Canada as they are quite expensive!
  8. Pastel Tights: I love tights and have so many already! I’d love to add some lighter colours to her wardrobe. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts, rompers, and onesies! The ones above are from Violet Pedals Apparel. They are hand dyed and made so well! I have a few pairs from her shop and absolutely love them!

What are your Spring must haves for your little ones?


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