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Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

Hey everyone! It’s March! Spring is near! There has been some sunshine as of late which is nice but the temperatures aren’t very Spring like. I’m impatiently waiting for the sunshine and green grass and most importantly sandals!

I was hoping I would have lost this baby weight by now but unfortunately I have not so that means I need some new things to get me through the season.

Here are my Spring 2017 picks!img_0947

(None of the photos above are mine. All photos were found on Pinterest and all credits go to the original owners.)

  1. Pastel Coloured Shoes: I have tons of pastel coloured heels but nit many flats or sneakers so I’m hoping to grab a pair or 2. I’ll probably need them this Spring as my little one will be turning one and I expect she will keep me moving. I really love the pastel coloured line from Converse and the coral ones from Toms.
  2. Coloured Denim: I want a pair of peach, coral or blush coloured skinnies. I love them paired with the denim shirt above.
  3. Floral Maxi Dress: I’m on the hunt for the perfect floral maxi. I’d love something in the pink family. My daughter turns one in May and her theme is floral.
  4. Pink Lipstick: I figured as I’m on a pink crush right now then I need the perfect lipstick that will go with various shades of pink. I love that pink from Mac and will definitely be checking it out!
  5. Rubber Boots: With all the melting snow and puddles I’d like some new rubber boots. I’m really crushing on those red Hunter boots.
  6. Criss Cross Top: I love the new criss cross top trend and would love to add one to my wardrobe. I fell in love with the one from Grace and Lace, especially that floral one.
  7. Choker Necklaces: I bought the black velvet wrap choker for Winter and really loved it so I would like to add some daintier ones for Spring.
  8. Floppy Hat: I’ve loved the floppy hat look for so long but have never thought of myself as a hat person. I really would love to embrace this trend.

What new pieces would you like to add to your Spring wardrobe?






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