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Baby’s First Trip

Hi everyone! I want to share our first trip together since we’ve had Rylee and some tips for travelling with a little one. We decided since it was her first it should be relatively short and not very far away. We decided to go to Vancouver Island to visit my in-laws.


The flight would be less than 2 hours and we decided to go for 5 days. Now I had to decide what she would need and what I actually had room for. I decided rompers would be the best thing to bring for space saving. They could be rolled up small and fit in one large Ziploc bag.IMG_0797.JPGuije0222

If you’ve read some of my other post you know how much I love accessories for myself and for my little one. I knew just selecting a few key pieces was going to be hard. I went with one coat, a fancy toque, a few headbands and 2 pairs of shoes. That little sparkly bow can come off and attach to the other headbands.


I also got her the perfect flying outfit. It is from a small company in Alberta and as soon as I saw it I knew she had to have it.


If you’re not familiar with YEG, it’s the airport code for Edmonton! She was great at the airport and spent the time watching all the people and yelling and having fun.

My biggest worry was the airplane ride. We’ve all been on the flight with the crying and screaming baby and even though we know it’s no one’s fault, it’s a little annoying. I did not want to be the one with that baby. Her diaper bag was the most important thing I packed as it was going to be the entertainment.


Diaper Bag/ Carry On Contents:

  • a teething toy (if teething)
  • a toy or 2 to play with *note to self* don’t bring something your little one can bang on the seat in front of them with
  • a snack
  • a bottle
  • a couple diapers
  • change pad
  • wipes
  • water


Rylee did great and slept for half the flight to and from BC.

We also brought the baby carrier so we could do some hiking and beach walking.


Auntie bought Rylee some new clothes and made her some new booties too. They came in handy for the wet cool days.


Other Travel Tips:

  1. I wouldn’t check the car seat as you can risk damaging it. Instead I’d buy a cheap one there or before you leave and check that one.
  2. My sister in law also bought a stroller and play pen for Rylee to sleep in at a baby consignment store and then sold them back when we left. Obviously this isn’t an option for every trip but you can buy a cheap umbrella stroller almost anywhere.
  3. Buy formula and diapers upon arrival to save space.
  4. Have fun and don’t worry about going off baby’s regular routine. It’s only for a little while and creating memories and experiences with family is what it’s all about!


What are some things you learned travelling with your little ones?






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