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Valentine’s Day- Baby Edition


Ahhh Valentine’s Day, the holiday you love when you’re in a relationship but hate if you’re not. Valentine’s Day was one of the most “I hate..” terms searched and in fact hated by countries on almost every continent! Me? I love Valentine’s Day! What’s not to love? The pinks and reds, the hearts and flowers, chocolate, gifts, it’s a day of love and who doesn’t need more love in their lives?!?!

I was on holidays over for the past week and missed posting this but still wanted to share my little ones first Valentine’s Day!

I love celebrating the holidays with my baby. It’s her first one and even if she’s too young to remember, there will always be pictures!


Of course you can’t give your baby chocolates, flowers and other typical gifts one would receive on Valentine’s Day so here is a peek at what Rylee got or ideas for next year. My little one is a girl but most of these can be modified to work with a boy.

  1. Teething toys. I got my babe this super cute teething bracelet from Glitter and Spice. I love this shops products and have already raved about them in this post!
  2. A cute outfit they can wear for Spring. Something pink or red to keep it Valentine’s Day theme. I got her a bonnet and matching bib.
  3. A book. We read daily and my little one loves to turn the pages in board books.
  4. Pink beanie boo (we collect the owls).
  5. Baby Cookies (check my recipe here).
  6. A card. I know babies can’t read but I wrote a card for Rylee’s keepsake box to open at a later date (maybe her 18th birthday).


I love theme outfits for the season as you may know from my Christmas outfits post. So of course I had to have 14 days of Valentine’s inspired outfits for little Miss Rylee.

I can’t wait for Easter now. I’m already planning her basket. What are some things you included for your baby’s first Easter basket or are planning on including?

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