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Fashion Friday- Feb 10/17

Hi everyone! It’s time for another Fashion Friday!


I must say this week was an easy pick. This outfit was by far my favourite! Every single item is from a small shop I found on Instagram. And all but one of the items is Canadian made.


Let’s start with the accessories because you all know from my last post how much I love them accessories!

This headband has been worn so many times! It’s black, so of course can match almost anything. It’s leather and it’s on a super stretchy nylon band. I love these nylon bands because I find they don’t leave some of those red marks that others do. You can see another version of these headbands in this previous post.


These chew beads are amazing. In fact my little one fell asleep clutching and chewing on them tonight as I rocked her to sleep. And there is that pop of gold I love so much. These can be put in the freezer and also the dishwasher so super easy to clean. The beads are 100% food grade silicone and BPA free. Annnnddd they are Canadian made.


These little booties are so cute with the pops of gold. The company uses vintage fabrics and upcycled wool and leathers. These were a little big for Rylee but managed to stay on because they use a lingerie style elastic hidden inside the booties that go around the ankle. I like that they have moccasin hide soles so she doesn’t slip as easily when learning to stand and walk. And the company is from BC!

The t-shirt is also from a company out of BC.


I just love this t-shirt. It kind of has a beautiful message, love is universal! Oh and look at that spiky hair. Also you can never have enough white t’s.

Faux. Leather. Leggings. Like seriously, can they get any cuter?!? As soon as I found these I had to have them. The little shop out of Winnipeg has these in multiple colours and in a legging or a harem style.


Shop the Look Below:

Headband: Loved by Sophia Claire

Teething Necklace: Glitter and Spice 

T-shirt: Gilby’s Threads

Leggings: Quinn and Dot

Booties: Nooks Design

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