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Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Let’s talk jewelry! Everyone loves jewelry. In fact I love all accessories; handbags, shoes, hair pieces and of course jewelry. The act of finding the perfect piece to accessorize that great outfit is such an amazing feeling.


Right now I’m really crushing on a company called Color by Amber. They make such great pieces! They have earrings, necklaces and my current obsession; bracelets! The come in so many options and colours and styles. They can be mixed and matched to work with any outfit.


Or worn as sets.


Another amazing feature of this company is they are eco-friendly. Not only is the jewelry made of 40% recycled materials but they send nothing to landfills. They have a carbon neutral facility and all their items are BPA free.

The set above is made from recycled denim. I purchased the necklace, cuff and earrings. This set works perfectly with any kind of denim and a solid shirt.


Another awesome thing about this company is Artisans from different countries help make the interlayers of the bracelets and in return receive money to help support their families. The set above has fibres from the Abaca Trees of Indonesia that the artisans have pulled from the stock, hand knotted, dyed and then wove into fabric.

This set is super versatile and can be worn with many outfits! The set below is the classic tortoise print. I love mixing this set with reds.



They use so many different materials that you would never think of for jewelry but look so beautiful. I have bracelets with moss, silk, leaves, denim, grass, sequins, lace, and so much more!

They also have a monthly subscription box called the Color Club. They send you an email of what will be included in each box and you can opt out if you don’t like what you see. The box has gone up in price because of our low dollar and is now $60 a month. So I don’t get too many anymore. February was the first box I’ve opted in for since last March!

Here is what the box looked like this month.


It included 1 thickie and 1 thinny (what they call their bracelets) and a necklace. I decided to get this one because a) I don’t have any brown jewelry and b) It’s basically like wearing chocolate! The interlayers are from cacao farms in Peru!


Look at those golds! *insert smiley face with heart eyes here*

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