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Fashion Friday- Feb 3/17

It’s Fri-yay! I hope everyone has a chance to unwind tonight and maybe enjoy a nice glass of wine or some yummy chocolate or both perhaps like I am right now.

Oh my! It was so hard picking a favourite outfit this week. She wore a lot of small shop, Canadian made items and I just loved them all!


I have searched long and hard for a black cardigan and I’m glad I didn’t find one until now because this cardigan is amazing! It’s so soft and comfy, made of organic cotton and bamboo fleece. Annnnddd wait for it, it’s made in Canada! I’m trying to support those small and local shops when I can.


The harems are also super soft and as you can see, stretchy. She can totally work on her yoga pose and core in these pants. The beauties are also small shop and Canadian made. I love the little black and white striped cuff!


Even she thinks she looks cool in this outfit. Look how laid back and relaxed she is. This child has serious swagger lol

I always have to top off her little outfits with some kind of cute hair accessory and until she actually has some hair, I have to stick to headbands.


I love these cute little headbands. The bows are made of suede, come in so many colours and always add that little pop to any outfit. The band is a soft stretchy nylon that doesn’t leave big red marks on Rylee’s head! It’s so hard to find headbands that don’t leave dents in her sweet little head. These are not Canadian made  but are small shop and handmade!


Shop the look below:

Headband: Loved by Sophia Claire

Cardigan: Vonbon Apparel

Harems: Quinn and Dot

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