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Nursery Closet Organization

Hey everyone! I have wanted to post my little ones closet ever since I did the dresser organization post. I finally found some time so here it is!


The top of the closet just holds some toys and teddies and a box someone gave me at her shower. I’m using the box to put outgrown clothes that could be used for a boy. You just never know what’s in the future! 🙂

The boxes down the middle hold extra wipes, diapers, some board books that she can flip the pages by herself, hats, and travel items like stroller covers, change mats, and bags.

That big tub you see in the right hand corner is where I’ve been putting outgrown girl clothes. Almost time to store it and add another tub!

Her clothes are arranged by months. The top left has some 3-6 month and 6-9 month that still fit. The bottom left has 9-12 months and the top right has anything over 12 months. Also these are just items of clothing I wouldn’t put in the dresser; like dresses, cardigans, rompers, hoodies and pullovers.

When I first started the nursery it was just one rod and I knew this wouldn’t do so I had my husband build the insert down the middle for some extra storage. The pink boxes you see down the middle are from West Coast Kids and were 20 dollars a box! I could not find any cheaper that would fit, unfortunately Ikea boxes were a tad too big. The extra boxes are from the baby shower and I just knew I had to use them somehow.

I separated the clothes with these:img_8222

At first I bought the typical round ones you see everywhere and they wouldn’t fit so I attempted to make some from Pinterest pages. After tracing, cutting and re-measuring, I decided the round ones would just not work. So I moved to plan B. I bought these wooden door hangers, some scrapbook paper, stickers and mod podge from Michaels and Voila! They worked perfectly! In fact I like them so much more than any I have seen. The choices in scrapbook paper are incredible and all these golds fit perfectly with Rylee’s nursery.


The backs aren’t done yet but I didn’t know what to put on them. I think I will save them for school days and put Mon.-Fri. on them. We can pick outfits together on the weekend for her to wear to school for the week to save time in the morning (for as long as she lets me help pick her clothes lol).

I hope you enjoy organizing your little one’s closet as much as I did!

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