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Fashion Friday-Jan 26/17

Wow it’s been a whole week since I posted. Time sure gets away from me when the husband is away. I don’t know how you single mommas do it!

I’m super excited about today’s Fashion Friday! Here is a quick look:


Now let me tell you what has me so excited! There are two things actually. I made a decision to try and support small shops when possible. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a good bargain and can’t turn away from clearance sales at Old Navy or Gap Kids but I am trying to buy more from small shops. Two of the items she is wearing are from small shops!


The second thing that has me excited is supporting local businesses, Canadian businesses in my case. With our economy the way it has been this past year I know a lot of people who have turned to running a small business to help contribute to their households and to be able to stay home with their little ones.

American small shops seem to have great prices compared to their Canadian counterparts but poor exchange rates and high shipping costs sometimes don’t make it worth ordering from. Stick to local if you can! I’m slowly building up Rylee’s wardrobe with local pieces.


I must admit I am new to the whole online shopping world of Instagram. I just recently discovered all these wonderful local small shops. I would definitely start there if you want to find more shops to support.

Now on to Miss Rylee’s outfit!


The shirt and pants are both from Canadian shops. The top is from a small family in Victoria, BC.  It is super soft and fits true to size. I will definitely be ordering more from these guys. They also feature a coastal theme for all you mommas living the coastal life.  The pants also hail from BC. I can’t get enough of these pants and Rylee already owns 2 pairs. They are perfectly distressed and get a lot of compliments from people. My daughter has long legs and we have a hard time getting pants to fit in the waist if the length is good. The best thing about these pants is they have elastics in the waist and can be adjusted so they can grow with your little ones tummy. The shoes are not small shop but too cute to pass up and Rylee loves playing with the little wings!


Shop the look below:

Top: Coastal Kid

Pants: Tattrd Threads

Shoes: Buybuy Baby

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