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Packing For Your Hospital Bag

Ok mamas I know there are a lot of lists out there of what to pack for your hospital bag but they are way too full! I don’t know maybe they are all American and the hospitals are different but they are recommending you bring waaaaay too much! I had a caesarian section so my husband had to carry baby and the bags and if I would have packed what those lists suggested then he would have had to make 5 trips!

Speaking of my husband, here he is with his new baby girl.13248405_10154177409657370_9143221413676329513_o

I suggest only filling 2 bags. One for you and your partner and one for the baby. This way they can be carried down in one trip. Parking can sometimes be a far walk and you will already have the car seat and your new bundle!  Here’s the 2 I took.img_7109

Here are my Tips for Packing


  • 1 super comfortable, loose outfit to wear home ( I packed a cute dress and it stayed in the bag and I went home in p.j.’s and a robe)
  • you can bring pajamas but they also provide you with a hospital robe (I loved the nightgown I brought that zipped down for nursing or up from the bottom when they had to check you)
  • housecoat to wear over that hospital robe while you walk the halls
  • nursing bra and nipple cream
  • flip flops for shower if you are worried about warts like I was
  • I would bring a pair of underwear but I didn’t wear them, they provide you with those huge hospital ones. Wear them. They are the best. That is all.


  • 1 change of clothes


  • a small toiletry bag for mom and partner
  • phone charger
  • camera if you want (we took it but never ended up using it)
  • nursing pillow would be a bonus (we never had it but wished I did)


  • mittens (so babe doesn’t scratch) and a light weight cap
  • blanket to cover babe when you go outside
  • a couple sleepers
  • going home outfit (check weather)
  • you can pack diapers and creams and swaddlers but the hospital has all of it

Here’s my little in her going home outfit.13254638_10154177380337370_8554605220270157207_o

I hope this helps. Just remember not to over pack. My first attempt at packing had 3 bags plus my huge travel purse. The hospital has a lot of stuff to use for free so use their things. Free is good because baby is expensive!

Good night mamas!

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