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Pinterest Cookie Review

Hey guys! If you’re anything like me you lay in bed at night scrolling through your social media sites then when nothing interesting grabs your attention you hop on over to Pinterest and start pinning a ton of things. I know they say no screen time before bed, it doesn’t help you sleep but I can’t help it! I’m obsessed.

One focus in December was Christmas baking ideas. I wanted cookie ideas that weren’t your common Christmas cookies, like shortbread, sugar cookies or ginger bread. I wanted something new, something yummy and something different!

First up: Chewy Cookies and Cream Cookies:

I know! They sound delicious right? Who doesn’t like those Cookies and Cream chocolate bars or Oreo cookies for that matter but these cookies left for something wanting. I mean if I’m going to waste the calories on cookies then they better be amazing. These were ok, the flavor was a little meh or subtle for the lack of a better term. They also baked super flat. I wouldn’t make these again.


Next was Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies:

Anything with red velvet in the title has me interested. I was super excited for these. They came out looking exactly like the picture which is always a good sign. Then I bit into one… Ugh the disappointment! They were gooey like the title said but I did not taste the sweetness of red velvet. They tasted like flour. Like the cookies before, the flavor was too subtle. I need that sweetness! I would probably try these again but with more cocoa.


Lastly, and yes, I saved the best for last. Chocolate Kiss Cookies:

These were great! They were soft and thick and chocolatey (is that even a word), everything a good cookie should be. I made some like the recipe called for and I made some with candy cane kisses. Those were my favorite as well as most of my Christmas guests. These were the only cookies that got completely eaten. I will definitely make these again and in fact I already have!

Also no picture available for these as they were devoured so fast! But here’s a picture of my sweetie helping me bake them.


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