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6 Month Photo Shoot

Hey everyone! Since I shared my maternity shoot and Rylee’s newborn shoot I thought might continue with that trend and share her 6 month photos.


Rylee turned 6 months old at the end of November so I knew I wanted to go with a winter theme. I wanted her in all white with some kind of fur accessory. You know when you get an idea in your head and you fixate on it? That’s what happened to me. I saw all these tutu dresses on Instagram and other online sites and I knew I wanted one for Rylee. The problem is most things I see online are American! It is so hard to get the items I want in our stores and if you try to order online then you have to deal with our horrible exchange rate and shipping.

Thankfully I remembered the cute little tutu a student had given me before I went on maternity leave. I remembered him saying his mom made it so I messaged his mom and Voila! She made me this lovely tutu dress and my vision for Rylee’s outfit came together.



Because it was so close to Christmas I also decided to get a couple shots that were more Christmas related.



Oh my look at those little pudgy fingers and those lashes! The picture above was one of my favourite from the shoot.


One tip I can give you mamas that love photo shoots as much as me is to plan them around holidays if you can. Lots of photographers have “mini sessions” around each holiday at discounted prices. If your baby’s milestones (sitting, walking, 3, 6, 9, 12 month) fall around a holiday then you could take advantage of these sessions and save yourself some money, as regular photo shoots can be quite costly. Also make sure baby has a nap and a full tummy before your appointment. This so helps with getting those cute baby smiles!

I leave you with our favourite photo from the shoot. Rylee definitely approved of the shoot and loves being 6 months old!


Photo Credit to Hidden Jem Photgraphy based out of Stony Plain, AB

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