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Nursery Dresser Organization

Hey everyone! Tonight I thought I’d share Rylee’s dresser with you and how I organized it. I tried a few different ways until I figured out what worked best for us.

First up is the dresser. Because I spent a little more on the crib than originally planned I wanted to buy a little cheaper dresser. This one from Ikea works perfectly. It’s the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser in white stain and cost $299.99. I spray painted the knobs with gold to freshen it up and to match the nursery theme. Actually who am I kidding?!? I made my husband spray paint the knobs. We also purchased the glass top to keep the wood from getting scratched.


Next I recommend getting a few drawer organizers. We got 2 sets of the Svira (set of 3) for $14.99 each, 1 Skubb box with compartments and 2 sets of the Skubb box set of 3. Each Skubb item was $9.99. They really help keeping all those little pieces organized.

As you can see by the cute polka dotted change pad (ordered from Zulily), we opted to use our dresser as the change table to save space.

I’ll start with the top left because it’s by far the one we use the most and then work my way to the right.


This drawer has diapers and wipes with extras stored in the closet. To be honest the wipe dispenser is usually up top next to the change pad but it really does look neater tucked inside the drawer.

The drawer to the right of this one is for pajamas/sleepers and bibs/bibdannas. I used to have all the creams, lotions, oils and personal care items in this drawer but switched it around when she went through the diaper blow out stage and I was always reaching for a clean sleeper.


To the right of this one is that personal care drawer I mentioned above. It houses all sorts of stuff. Vitamin E drops, bum creams, lotions, toothbrush, nail clippers, a brush, q-tips, her earring cleaner, thermometer, nasal aspirator, Vicks and some stuff I’ve never used before but got at my shower and thought it belonged in that drawer.


The farthest drawer to the right is for face clothes and towels. I find rolling all those little face cloths was a great way to save space and looked cuter than just a stack.


Next up is the middle row of drawers. The left one is for clothes.


The red circled box is for onesies, the short sleeved ones. The blue circled compartments are for long sleeved onesies. The yellow circled compartments are for pants and shorts (when it was summer). As you can see we have a slight legging obsession!

The right drawer is extra clothes? Accessories maybe is a better term.


The purple circle has all kinds of fashion scarves. The red circled box is extra head wraps that wouldn’t fit on the holder, clearly another obsession of ours! The yellow circled box holds her little socks. The blue circled box is filled with tights. The green circled box is full of hats I guess. They aren’t warm so not sure if you can call them toques?  Lastly, the 3 boxes and side of the drawer are filled with shoes. I know why does a baby need so many shoes?!? But if you could see my shoe shelf, you would understand. Hmm maybe a future blog post will reveal my weakness for these pretty, colourful, amazing things we call shoes.

The bottom left drawer holds sheets, receiving blankets, swaddling blankets and change pads (the water resistant ones that usually sit on top of my pretty polka dotted one to guard against accidents).


The right drawer is a little bit of this and that.


It has diaper genie refills, breast pads, swim diapers, some extra wipes and diapers that don’t fit in the drawer above and the little ruffle butt bloomers for taking cute pictures in.

All of Rylee’s other clothes hang in her closet. Want to see what that looks like? Stay tuned for future posts!

I hope this helped some of you new mamas or moms to be out there trying to figure out where to start in your nursery organization. If you have questions please feel free to contact me or comment on the post.



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