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Newborn Shoot and Tips

Hey Everyone! Since I loved the maternity shoot so much I thought I’d share the newborn photos as well.



It is recommended you do newborn photos from 1 week-10 days old so we booked for 1 week. I can’t believe how tiny she looks in these photos! Oh my, my heart!

Of course me, being the super girly girl that I am had to go with a crown and gold accents. Also who doesn’t love diamonds and lace?!?


As you can see in some of the photos she wasn’t completely asleep and the photographer had a hard time massaging that little frown from her face. I actually don’t know if that was because she wasn’t completely asleep or more to the fact that she has a sassy little personality and frowns all the time at people!


The angel pictures were probably the most relaxed of all because we had just taken a break and nursed so she was much more relaxed.


As I mentioned she had a hard time staying asleep but what I didn’t mention was why. The photographer recommends keeping them up for a few hours before the shoot, which we did not do. In fact we let her sleep for 4 hours. The night before our shoot I didn’t set a clock because lets face it, do you ever need an alarm clock again after having a baby?!? I was depending on my 5 am wake up call. Well that night Rylee was up cluster feeding every hour and she finally fell asleep for 4 hours, as did her sleepy parents only to wake up an hour before her shoot! So with a 30 minute drive ahead of us we jumped up and got ready like mad med then were out the door to our shoot with a wide awake baby. As you can see in one of her last photos where she finally had enough!


Which brings me to my tips:

Set an Alarm Clock

No matter how dependable that little alarm clock usually is, sometimes they just don’t work!

Dress in Layers

You’re probably thinking why does it matter what I wear?!? Because we were in a rush I just threw on a hoodie and leggings, not knowing that newborn photo shoots are usually super warm. They crank they heat up so the baby stays sleepy. I was so hot and uncomfortable and couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Baby Outfits

Look through your photographer’s work before hand to see your choices in props, outfits, backgrounds, colours, and accessories. New born photographers usually have so many items to choose from, you don’t want to be caught off guard and choose in a rush.

Thanks for stopping in,  I hope you enjoyed Rylee Jane’s photos!

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