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Maternity Shoot and Tips


Hey everyone! I was going through Rylee’s photos tonight and saw my maternity photos mixed in the folder so I thought I’d share them with you and actually post about myself!

When I found out I was pregnant I did what most women probably do, take to Pinterest and start pinning like crazy. The nursery, new born picture ideas, name ideas, coming home outfits, baby shower, fashion and of course maternity photos.

I knew right away that my photographer friend would take my photos so I didn’t worry too much about that category. They recommend taking maternity photos from 30-34 weeks so we planned for 32 weeks. Two days before my shoot a family emergency took my friend out of the province. I was hoping she’d be back in time to do them so I waited patiently but at 38 weeks I knew I needed another plan if I wanted photos done. I called all over for a short notice photographer and luckily I found one. So at almost 39 weeks along I met her at a beautiful location in Edmonton and in heels, waddled my way up and down the hill. (holding my husband’s arm for balance of course!)


Here are a few tips I learned from the whole process:

Outfit Choices

I chose this beautiful white flowy floor length dress with big bright flowers. I thought it would be perfect for a spring photo shoot. Then a couple things happened…1) At 39 weeks, I was way too huge and the dress was definitely no longer flowy. 2) The bump got lost in the busy design. I highly recommend going with a solid colour so all the attention is on that beautiful bump!

Make sure the dress is comfortable! This is important. You want to feel natural and relaxed. A lot of time you have to walk a bit to get to your location and you don’t want to be tugging at or hiking up a dress the whole walk.

My third suggestion is lose the fancy shoes, aka, heels. Or at least wear comfortable ones and carry the fancy ones. But as you can see there was only one photo that showed my shoes. Again, all that focus is on that bump!


Hair and Make-up

Keep your hair and make-up your normal style. Again, it’s all about that comfort and you don’t want to look back at your pictures and be like “who is that person?!?”




Trust your photographer, even if you are somewhat of a control frea. *cough Candice cough*. They have done a lot of photo shoots and know what works. Even if you think your leg twisted like that is silly or you feel dumb with your chin out, do it! They really do have your best interest at heart.

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