Birthing Story

One of the things I find funny about being a new mom and being the first mom among your group of close friends is the difference in conversation. My non-mom friends were all like “oh my god, she’s so cute” or “was it as bad as they say?” or my favourite, “don’t tell me what it was like.” My mom friends all ask about the labour and the birth. So here’s to all the moms out there that want to hear and all the non-moms that maybe want to hear?

Our little one was due Friday, May 13th. I’m not usually a superstitious person but as the date grew closer I started to imagine all the horrible things that could happen. I’m sure these feelings cross the minds of all new moms to be but I got it in my head that I was in store for something crazy.

I woke up that morning and felt perfectly fine and as the day passed by I kept waiting for it but nothing happened. That following Monday I had an appointment and found out that I was 0 cm dilated but my doctor was afraid the baby was already over 10 pounds and talked about inducing me. He sent me to the hospital for the doctor on call to take a look. The doctor on call wanted updated ultrasound pictures but had no appointments left for that day. So we went home and came back the next day. After a very long ultrasound and confirmation from the ultrasound lady and a doctor, little Miss was in fact over 10 pounds! They wanted to induce. Again no appointments. We went home and came back 2 days later. (Thursday morning) Now the next part is something you don’t see in the movies or they don’t ever tell you. After induction I was sent home until my contractions got to 5 minutes apart or my water broke. Excuse me?!? Go home while in labour! I was a little nervous about this but off we went.

I went through the whole day with weird back cramps but I didn’t realize it was labour pains because I was expecting cramp like pains in the front. At midnight I crawled into bed. I was laying there listening to my husband snore and trying to get comfortable and I rolled over and there was an instant flood of water. It was like I had peed the bed! I was expecting a little leaking because I was told it wasn’t like in the movies but this was a huge amount if liquid! I started yelling at my husband to get up my water broke. We were frantically moving around getting ready and then crazy pregnant lady kicked in and I was very concerned about the bed!  I did not want that stuff to get through the sheets and cover onto the mattress. I mean it was a lot of liquid! So we pulled the bedding off to save my sanity and off to the hospital we went!

We got there and the nurse tells me I’m only 1cm dilated and have to wait for the doctor to see me. Of course the night we go in was a zoo and the doctor had 7 unplanned C-sections so needless to say we didn’t get to see the doctor. After spending most the night on a stretcher in an exam room going through pain back labour we got a room and got to see the new doctor on call only to find out I was still 1cm dilated. We walked and walked and walked for what seemed like hours.  Finally I hit the 3cm mark and could have an epidural. I applaud all you mamas out there that don’t need one but I was jumping all over that opportunity!

I wasn’t afraid of the needle, I was expecting a little pain but knew it would be over fast. Or so I thought…let me tell you! The epidural was probably the worst part of my birthing story. It took 2 anesthesiologists and 11 tries! I was crying and in so much pain. I had bruises all down my back from it and could feel it for weeks after. It was not a pleasant experience but once it kicked in, I felt nothing.

I was laying there feeling so much better, amazing in fact! Of course that’s when things got crazy. Alarms starting going off and nurses were running in and out, doctors were being paged and the room was being cleared. All those scary thoughts I had on Friday the 13th came flooding back. There was a nurse on top of my bed with her hands inside of me telling me she was just massaging the baby’s head. I had no idea what was going on! Panic set in! Then just like that she was fine. The doctor assessed me and said I was still only 3cm dilated. He wanted to give me 1 more hour to see if I could get to 5cm and if not he wanted to do a C-section (or if the baby’s heartbeat dropped again). An hour went by and nothing changed so off we went to the operating room.

I was not prepared for a C-section. I just assumed I’d have a regular birth but there I was lying under the lights, freaking out but then it was over. It was fast and I didn’t really feel much. I heard her crying and saw my husband holding her and all bets were off. I was in love! 32 hours after my induction, she was here:

Rylee Jane and not the 10 pounds l was freaking out about but 8 pounds and 1 ounce.


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